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Help us Fight Human Trafficking.


Rahab's Daughters specializes in rescue, rehabilitation & reintegration of survivors of trafficking. We provide vocational training options, safe houses and prevention & counseling, any survivors can come and get a full range of services. In all of our areas of operation, we provide prevention & rescue services. 

We offer survivors of human trafficking, shelter, clothing, education, vocational training, and the ability to create a dream plan that empowers them to start making choices for their own lives and break free from being controlled. 


We provide a wide range of prevention and education options because we believe prevention is better than cure and our member-only prevention teams consist of Mom's Against Trafficking and Dad's Against Trafficking, you don't have to be a mom or dad to get involved. 


We are very involved in outreach to the establishments that most see a trafficking problem and we have outreach teams that hit the streets and the phones to reach those in need. 





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