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Below are examples of how your donation can directly impact our survivors 


$25 can provide:

One day of meals or a fresh set of underwear & socks for a Human Trafficking Survivor.

$120 ($10/mo) can provide:

A “new life pack” filled with items such as a robe, slippers, PJ’s backpack, and blanket to each girl when a new survivor we rescue.


$360 (30/mo) can provide:

Two compassion bags that law enforcement partners and volunteers can provide to a survivor with a change of clothing, basic toiletries, blanket, water bottle and gift cards for food.  These items can bridge the gap and build trust with a survivor on the street.


$600 ($50/mo) can provide:

Emergency shelter for a victim of human trafficking while she is waiting for a safe place to heal.


$1200 ($100/mo) can provide:

Provide homeschooling materials and tutoring services for a high school education program for one survivor living in a safe house for 6 months.


$3000 ($500/mo) can provide:

Provide individualized therapies including group therapy, individual therapy, substance abuse therapy, and art/music therapy for six months.


$12000 ($1000/mo) can provide:

A year of care for a survivor to include room & board, food, clothing, individualized therapies including group therapy, individual therapy, substance abuse therapy, and art/music therapy, the ability to build a dream plan and long term reintegration paths.

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RAHAB’S DAUGHTERS – Donation Policy We appreciate the financial support from all contributors. However, please note that all donations received by Rahab’s Daughters through our website are non-refundable.

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