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Is a member only group of MEN who don't have to be Dad's but who band together to take The HEMAD pledge not to purchase sex, the membership funds go to educate Men about how to stop their daughters, sons, nieces, nephews sister, cousins, or other loved ones from falling prey to trafficking. 


They also assist in the running of a call center that helps to stop the demand. As well as volunteer to help the RAHAB'S DAUGHTERS rescue and outreach teams.



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Join men from all over the world as they take a stand against human trafficking.  The HEMAD campaign kicks off on Monday, November 25, 2019.  The campaign runs until December 29, 2019. 


Here is what we are asking men to do:

  • Click the link to view the HEMAD video

  • Take the Pledge

    • I pledge to educate men on the importance of ending human trafficking​

    • We of HEMAD pledge to work to eradicate the business of human trafficking, for our women, for our men, and for the world

    • It is my duty to not standby and let the industry of human trafficking benefit off of the back of the innocent, therefore I pledge my heart, mind, body and spirit to the eradication of an industry that seeks to destroy life rather than build it up.​

  • Share with other men

Take the Pledge

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Rahab'S Daughters is standind against po
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