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Volunteer with Rahab’s Daughters

In the office, in the field, in your community: your passion, compassion, and dedication will change lives.

Ways You Can Combat Human Trafficking


The backbone of our efforts

Every organization needs people who keep the lights on, keep everyone organized, and gets the word out. We need people who turn our outward efforts into successful missions.

  • Office – make calls, do admin work, IT work etc

  • Social Media or Website

  • Finance/Bookkeeping Team


Raise awareness, raise money, raise hopes

Our events and fundraising activities fuel everything we do. The more people know, they more they give to the cause. The more they give, the more we can do for victims of human trafficking.

  • Fundraising – Host a Fundraiser

  • Event Planning – info sessions

  • One Time Event Service


Fieldwork and Advocacy

Becoming champions against human trafficking

Human trafficking happens everywhere around us, which is why we have to stop it wherever we are. Our advocacy teams work to prevent it at trafficking hotspots…and in our neighborhoods.

  • Street & Club Outreach – lead or be a part of an outreach or rescue team – Chicago, Detroit, Miami

  • Prayer – Pray on our prayer team

  • Super Bowl Team / Missions

  • Moms Against Trafficking

  • Dads Against Trafficking

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Helping trafficked people regain control of their lives

Bringing someone out of a dangerous situation. Building their trust. Understanding the best ways to help them. Walking with them on the first steps of the rest of their lives.

  • Call Center or 24/hr hotline team

  • First Responder Team

  • Transportation Team

  • Mentoring

  • Safe house

  • Safe Families


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