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Protect Your Kids - How to recognize catfishing

What does the term "catfishing" mean to you? if you're anything like me, your mind may have conjured up images of an old Mtv show where the show host would track down and confront people that pose with false identities on various social media sites. Or maybe, you may have even yourself, created a false online profile in order to catch a boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you.

All joking aside, cat fishing does pose a real danger to our youth, and even vulnerable adults. Catfishing is the term used to describe a person creating a false identity on an online profile and then posing as this fictional character when interacting online. There are several reasons why a person may do something like this, but for the purpose of Rahab's Daughters mission, I am going to explain as it pertains to human trafficking, and a few ways of recognizing the signs.

Most traffickers rely on building relationships with their victims first (AKA grooming), in order to gain trust, control, and compliance. This is the time when catfishing may be used to establish a relationship with a potential victim. This person can pose as a really good friend that's there to lend a supportive ear.

Join us at our next Technology & Trafficking event to find our more.

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