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Our Program has 3 stages


Stage 1

Rescue - where in conjunction with the community, we provide basic needs like safety, shelter procurement of identification, clothing of their choice, medical, dental & optical care for physical and emotional needs, counseling and a loving secure environment to thrive in. 


Stage 2 

Rehabilitation - Here we create Dream Plans to help our survivors create a sustainable plan for the future and start working towards independence. In this stage we do not provide housing directly, but have a network of partners whom we work with.


Stage 3

Reintegration - At this stage we slowly help our survivors leave the nest one step at a time until sustainable independence occurs. Toxic Charity is not something we believe in so we teach our girls how to fish versus giving them fish. 


We have a combination of assessment houses and independent living options and applicants to the program work with case managers to decide which housing suits them best for which stage of the program.


Families are welcome we don't separate women from their children.





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