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Now Ends June 30th!

Enter now!


How to enter:

  1. Find a family recipe or a recipe of your own creation that you are willing to have shared

  2. Type up the recipe or take a picture

  3. If you want to cook the recipe and show us what to expect, don't forget to send us a picture of your dish.


To submit your entry:

  1. Fill out the forms located below.

  2. Email your recipe instructions, any pictures of the dish that you've taken, and signed forms to with the subject title ‘Recipe Contest Entry- Last Name’ 

  3. Submit your $5 donation entry fee either through Facebook or the Paypal Donate Link on our website. 

    1. To Submit through Facebook: 

      1. Log into your Facebook account 

      2. Find the Rahab’s Daughters page 

      3. Click on ‘Donate’ button which should appear under organization name and Like button

      4. Follow on-screen instructions to submit your $5 donation entry fee. 

    2. To Submit through Website/Paypal: 

      1. Go to

      2. Click the ‘Donate’ button on the right hand corner of the screen 

      3. Follow the onscreen instructions to submit your $5 donation entry fee 


The winner will be announced the first week of July!

Forms to fill out:

Please fill out the below forms and attach them to your email submission.

thank you for entering!!

***Entering into the contest means you are giving us permission to use your recipe in our E-Cookbook for our survivors and other members of the Rahab's community. You understand that the winner will be chosen randomly using a name generator, and no other input will go into deciding  the winner of this contest. The winner of the contest will be contacted directly by us through email. You will recieve no compensation or monetary reward as a result of the  recipe being shared and included in our E-Cookbook. The only reward will be given to the one (1) winner of the recipe contest in the form of a gift card. Sharing your recipe for use must be done with the understanding that you are allowing us to use it for free to give to our community members, survivors, and possibly share on our websites, but with no other expectations***


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